Soreption Monument of the End

Soreption Monument of the End
Technical death metal unit Soreption deliver an intricate, complex record with their third full-length release, Monument of the End. Showing a vast range of skills, the band's multifaceted sound touches on every aspect of death metal imaginable, with laser-sharp precision.
Blast beats and grinding riffs kick off "The Anti-Present" before the band unleash an onslaught of technical grooves and face-melting solos. They manage to blend elements of multiple eras of death metal throughout the album, from stop-start chugging riffs on "King of Undisputed Nonsense" to dizzying old-school grooves on "Architects of the Apocalypse." The band aren't afraid to shy away from their savage onslaught of extremity though, sparingly introducing clean guitar parts and ominous piano moments.
Vocalist Fredrik Söderberg shows an impressive range in his voice across the record. Effortlessly switching between menacing low gutturals and a wide scope of high pitch shrieks on tracks like "Virulent Well" or "A Mimic's Ignorance," other extreme metal vocalists could learn a few tricks by studying his techniques. The album's vocal breadth expands even further thanks to a guest spot from Cattle Decapitation vocalist Travis Ryan, who conjures up a most unsettling moment on closing track "The Entity" by using a half-clean, half-shrieked voice.
Tech death bands can often overload listeners with monotonous technicality that is impressive but boring, yet Soreption manages to strike a balance between showing their skills and crafting an interesting song. Pioneers within the genre should take notice because Soreption are aiming to lead the way going forward. (Sumerian)