Sony Denies It Admitted to Releasing Fake Michael Jackson Songs

You can file this one under "fake news"
Sony Denies It Admitted to Releasing Fake Michael Jackson Songs
You may have noticed a certain story infiltrating your feed recently involving Sony supposedly admitting that certain Michael Jackson songs were fake. Well, it turns out those stories can be added to your "fake news" folder.

As Variety reports, Sony is denying these news reports, calling them factually inaccurate.

The MJ reports stem from an ongoing class action lawsuit against Sony Music, the Jackson estate and Jackson collaborator Eddie Cascio. It was launched in 2014 by a fan named Vera Serova, who alleged that Cascio and his production company Angelikson Productions created fake Michael Jackson songs, recorded them with a MJ impersonator and then had Sony include them on the posthumous 2010 album Michael.

The newly published reports claim Sony has admitted in court that the songs in question were indeed recorded by an impersonator. However, Sony says it has admitted to no such thing.

"No one has conceded that Michael Jackson did not sing on the songs," Sony's statement to Variety reads. "The hearing Tuesday was about whether the First Amendment protects Sony Music and the Estate and there has been no ruling on the issue of whose voice is on the recordings."

Variety explained the reportedly false stories further, writing, "According to sources close to the situation, individuals who attended Tuesday's court hearing seized upon a statement by an attorney for Jackson's estate in which he said something to the effect of 'even if the vocals weren't Jackson's' as proof that they were indeed faked. The sources insist that the attorney was speculating."