Sons of Tonatiuh Parade of Sorrow

Sons of TonatiuhParade of Sorrow
Sons of Tonatiuh are a doom-sludge three-piece from Atlanta, GA. While that description might initially make you assume they sound like drowning in blackstrap molasses, they also employ hardcore punk energy. So, while their riffs are as hot and smothering as scalding liquid asphalt, Sons of Tonatiuh are still quick on their feet. Their songs may be like sinking in quicksand, but they evoke panicked thrashing rather than resigned, churning misery. One of the strengths of the record is the bass playing, which adds weight to the rhythm section and imbues the record with a tense, sinewy strength. It's like a kind of wiriness that goes beyond the straightforward, muscular riffing of the guitars, like that skinny guy in a fight who's much stronger than expected. "Seasick" is an album highlight, evoking the swooping dizziness of nausea. (Hydrophonik)