Sons of Hercules Get Lost

Popular Texas garage punk veterans the Sons of Hercules exist solely to do one thing — rock out as hard as they can. Looking a bit like Get Hip founders the Cynics, the Sons actually sound a lot more like a fuzzed and Beatle booted New York Dolls. With the twangy and gutteral vocals of Frank Pugliese raging in front of the unholy (in a good way) racket produced by the rest of the band, blasters like the title track “Get Lost,” and the anti-maturity anthem “Grow Up,” could almost be lost Humpers outtakes. “Best Friend” is a ‘50s piano-driven rocker with Frank P. sounding the more like David Johansen than David J. even does anymore. Make no mistake, the Sons Of Hercules are a tasty punk rock band that can flail with the best of them and not a psych-garage band as their album photos might suggest. Other strong tracks include, the head bopping, almost Ramones-like “Too Late” and the up-tempo “Cockeyed Man.” Fans of good punk rock and roll style music would be well advised to check out these guys. (Get Hip)