Sons and Daughters of Lite Let The Sun Shine In

Recorded in the early '70s, when the Sons and Daughters of Lite were at their peak, performing throughout the Bay Area, this album is a gem in classic soul-jazz recordings. The ensemble perform with the intergalactic sensibility of Sun Ra's orchestration, the afro-funk of Fela Kuti and the sweetness of Roy Ayers. These elements are strong throughout the six-track recording, with tracks "Ju Ju's Door" and "Darkuman Junktion" displaying an incredible sense of collective precision, while "Operation Feed Yourself" and the title cut deliver lyrics of optimism with phenomenal vocal pride. One imagines the Black Panthers would turn to the Sons and Daughters for inspiration on their days off from fighting the Man; it's no surprise then to find clippings from BP community newspapers in the liner notes. The urgency for revolutionary music may not be as strong in our times, but the vibrancy in the performances on this reissue provides some soulful healing that none could refuse. (Luv N' Haight)