Sonny Landreth Grant Street

This live disc was recorded April 23 and 24, 2004 during a two-night stand at Lafayette, Louisiana’s legendary Grant Street Dancehall. This warehouse, turned honky-tonk joint, is a venerable venue where Landreth has made many appearances throughout the past 20 years, so it holds a special place in his musical heart. Grant Street features the Grammy-nominated Landreth at his frenetic best. Revered by other guitar gods of the industry such as Eric Clapton, Landreth loves to show off his slide-guitar licks and this live disc gives him the perfect chance to make his guitar sing. The songs are taken from most of his previous eight albums. Joined by his long-time "brothers in arms” (as he describes them in his liner notes) — bassist David Ranson and drummer Kenneth Blevins — the chemistry of the players is apparent. As Landreth slides, grooves and fingerpicks from one lick to another, this duo keeps pace, providing the rhythm to accompany the guitar slinger’s solos. The dizzying disc kicks off in high gear with the electrifying "Native Stepson” and the rock’n’roll ride continues to rev up from here. Other highlights are the dreamy "Port of Calling,” the chug-a-lug rhythms of "Z Rider,” and the blues-soaked foot stomping "All About You.” Overall, this album sizzles, and it is best when played really loud to fully capture Landreth’s live experience. (Sugar Hill)