Sonic Youth Reveal Release Details for French Film Soundtrack

Sonic Youth Reveal Release Details for French Film Soundtrack
Veteran rock institute Sonic Youth have been extra prolific as of late, from prepping vinyl reissues to a planned Daydream Nation documentary and a book/seven-inch set from Thurston Moore. Last week, Moore also revealed that he's working with Beck on a new solo LP, and now we have the full release info for Sonic Youth's long-rumoured French film soundtrack.

The film is called Simon Werner a Disparu (aka Lights Out) and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. Sonic Youth have complemented the picture with an album-length soundtrack that features all-French song titles. Two snippets are available below courtesy of TwentyFourBit.

Sonic Youth's Simon Werner a Disparu will be available digitally on January 25 courtesy of the band's Sonic Youth Recordings and Midheaven, followed by a physical release sometime in February. A bonus EP with five extra tracks will come bundled with the DVD release of the film, due February 1.

Simon Werner a Disparu soundtrack:

1. "Thème de Jérémie"

2. "Alice et Simon"

3. "Les Anges au piano"

4. "Chez Yves (Alice et Clara)"

5. "Jean-Baptiste à la fenêtre"

6. "Thème de Laetitia"

7. "Escapades"

8. "La Cabane au Zodiac"

9. "Dans les bois / M. Rabier"

10. "Jean-Baptiste et Laetitia"

11. "Thème de Simon"

12. "Au Café"

13. "Thème d'Alice"

Bonus EP:

 1. "M. Rabier (aspect)"

2. "Jean-Baptiste à la fenêtre (aspect)"

3. "Alice et Clara (aspect)"

4. "Thème de Jérémie (aspect)"

5. "Thème de Simon"