Sonic Youth Detail Next Round of Vinyl Reissues

Sonic Youth Detail Next Round of Vinyl Reissues
Earlier this year, UMe started rolling out a massive vinyl reissue campaign of Sonic Youth's albums for DGC, and details for the next batch of releases have now been revealed.
On July 15, 2002's Murray Street, a double-LP of 2004's Sonic Nurse and 2006's Rather Ripped will arrive on remastered vinyl and as HD digital audio downloads.
Murray Street was the band's 12th studio album overall, but marked the first to include Jim O'Rourke as a full-time member.

Sonic Nurse followed, featuring album artwork from Richard Prince. His painting "Dude Ranch Nurse," as well as William Gibson's 2003 cyber-punk novel "Pattern Recognition" both doubled as song titles on the record.

Rather Ripped, meanwhile, came as the 14th album in Sonic Youth's catalogue, and was recorded with the group's original four-piece lineup and producer John Agnello.
A Thousand Leaves (1998), Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star (1994) and NYC Ghosts & Flowers (2000) are expected to arrive later this year, with release dates to be announced at a future time.
Goo (1990), Dirty (1992), Washing Machine (1995) and a 12-inch single for the latter LP's "The Diamond Sea" kicked off the reissue campaign back in February.