Sonic Radiation The 121 Project

It is common these days to find industrial acts diverting their creative juices towards rock or techno approaches. Sonic Radiation adopt an opposing attitude, as this two-years-in-the-making techno release also embraces the cold side of electronic music. Not surprising really, given the fact that creator Todd Last boasts the likes of Front 242 and Frontline Assembly along with Crystal Method and Astral Projection as his major influences. The 121 Project embodies a light dose of samples, synth beats and effects that merge together for 11 catchy songs. Of the most notable tracks, "Shock Wave” stands out as blending an undertow of traditional industrial with dance rhythms, while the most attention grabbing beats lie in the spacey "Pyre of Fire.” This is an album already making its way to internet radio play and top ten lists. Perhaps industrial music is indeed a dying form. At least the influences remain in projects such as these. (Iuknown)