Sonic Boom to Merge Stores into New Toronto Location

Sonic Boom to Merge Stores into New Toronto Location
Currently, long-running Toronto record retailer Sonic Boom operates two stores, one in Honest Ed's and another in Kensington Market. This fall, the two locations will merge into one store in downtown Toronto.

As of October 2014, Sonic Boom will take over a 12,000-square-foot street-level industrial space in the Robertson Building at 215 Spadina Ave. The building is already home to the Centre for Social Innovation and Dark Horse Espresso Bar.

"We wanted be an early contributor to all the exciting changes happening on Spadina and jumped at this opportunity when we found the space," owner Jeffrey Barber said in a statement. "It's as if it was made for a record store. Sonic Boom is going to be better than ever."

At the new location, the store will continue much as it always has, with window displays by Tim Oakley and occasional live in-store performances.

This is a preemptive move in anticipation of Honest Ed's shutting down at the end of 2016. By moving to Spadina, it joins an area that's already a hub for Toronto music thanks to the nearby Horseshoe Tavern and MuchMusic building.

Sonic Boom's Kensington store will close this summer and the other location will follow by the end of September.