Sondre Lerche Preps New Live Album, Expanded Vinyl Reissues

Sondre Lerche Preps New Live Album, Expanded Vinyl Reissues
This year is a time for reflection for Sondre Lerche. Not only is it a decade since his debut album Faces Down came out here in North America (following its prior European release), but the Norwegian pop songwriter will turn 30 in September. To mark the milestone, he will drop expanded vinyl reissues of his first four albums, along with a new live album.

The reissue campaign will mark the first time that Faces Down (2001), Two Way Monologue (2004), Duper Sessions (2006) and Phantom Punch (2007) have appeared on vinyl. They will each comes with outtakes and bonus material via Mona Records; however, it's so far unclear when the reissues will arrive.

As for the live album, it's called Bootlegs and it's out September 4. The set was recorded in Bergen, Norway, when Lerche was on tour in support of his self-titled LP from 2011.

In a statement, Lerche emphasized the rawness of the live recording, saying, "I wanted you to hear us when we didn't know you were listening. It would appear that's the best way to get it right. Once you know you're being recorded, the show is over."

To hear what he's talking about, go to Lerche's homepage to hear the Bootlegs version of "Two-Way Monologue."

Lerche will spend his birthday month touring the U.S. in support of the new releases. The outing doesn't include any Canadian shows, but you can see the schedule over at his website.