Son Volt Give 'Trace' Expanded 20th Anniversary Reissue

Son Volt Give 'Trace' Expanded 20th Anniversary Reissue
After Uncle Tupelo's breakup in 1994, some members went on to form Wilco, while Jay Farrar began the alt-country project Son Volt. That band's debut album, 1995's Trace, turns 20 this year, and the anniversary is being celebrated with a reissue.

This expanded pressing will come out on October 30 through Rhino under the title Trace: 20th Anniversary Edition. On that same day, the standard 11-song album will get a 180-gram vinyl pressing.

The expanded edition comes with eight demos, plus a full concert recording from 1996 with 18 songs. It was captured at the New York venue the Bottom Line. Meanwhile, the band put out a call on Facebook asking if fans had any memorabilia (such as photos, ticket stubs and flyers) from the era, suggesting that some sort of retrospective artwork is being made.

Trace comes from the era when Son Volt included Uncle Tupelo drummer Mike Heidorn. See the tracklist for the reissue below.

Trace: 20th Anniversary Edition:

Disc 1:

1. Windfall
2. Live Free
3. Tear Stained Eye
4. Route
5. Ten Second News
6. Drown
7. Loose String
8. Out of the Picture
9. Catching On
10. Too Early
11. Mystifies Me
12. Route (acoustic demo)
13. Drown (demo)
14. Out Of The Picture (demo)
15. Loose String (demo)
16. Live Free (demo)
17. Too Early (demo)
18. Catching On (demo)
19. Windfall (demo)

Disc 2 - Live from Bottom Line 2/12/96:

1. Route
2. Loose String
3. Catching On
4. Live Free
5. Anodyne
6. Windfall
7. Slate
8. Out of the Picture
9. Tear Stained Eye
10. True to Life
11. Cemetery Savior
12. Ten Second News
13. Fifteen Keys
14. Drown
15. Looking for a Way Out
16. Chickamauga
17. Too Early
18. Looking at the World Through a Windshield (Del Reeves cover)