Son of Sam Songs From The Earth

This is one of the scariest records out right now. Even scarier than the prospect of another crappy teen movie soundtrack featuring Rob Zombie. All kidding aside, this may well be the first punk/metal/goth super-group, featuring Davey Havok from AFI, Danzig guitarist Todd Youth and Samhain drummers Steve Zing and London May. And what's it sound like? A more polished version of Samhain with a metal touch. They even venture in Black Sabbath territory on "Satiate." Havok holds his ground venturing into Danzig-style vocals and Glenn himself gives this his stamp of approval by making a guest appearance, apparently his first ever. The organ playing of Todd Youth adds a creepiness to the mix. So go in the basement, light some candles and when the clock strikes midnight, press play. (Nitro)