Son Lux "Easy (Switch Screens)" (ft. Lorde)

Son Lux 'Easy (Switch Screens)' (ft. Lorde)
While we were all listening to Lorde's smash hit "Royals," the Kiwi pop star was soaking in the sounds of New York artist Son Lux's Lanterns track "Easy." Lorde had also been covering the song in concert, and now the two have collaborated for an update dubbed "Easy (Switch Screens)."

The track arrives as part of Son Lux's new Alternate Worlds EP and revamps the minimalist R&B arrangement with a busy, drumline-style clack, jumpy West African guitar lines and the addition of Lorde's breathy vocals. The brass bang of the original still hits big, though.

You can check out the alternate "Easy" down below, or pick it up on Bandcamp. A physical edition of the four-song Alternate Worlds drops May 27.