Son Doobie Funk Superhero

After an absence from the hip-hop scene that would signal an end to the music career of your average rapper, Funkdoobiest’s porno king and funk superhero returns to the rescue with his first solo album. Son Doobie’s Funk Superhero enters the world thanks to Vancouver-based independent Battle Axe, home to Swollen Members. Unsurprisingly, and with the absence of Funkdoobiest’s producer (Ralph M) and sidekick (Tomahawk Funk), Funk Superhero is filled with Battle Axe regulars. Producers Rob the Viking, Kemo and Metty the Dert Merchant help to make Son Doobie’s solo debut his best release since Funkdoobiest first stepped on the scene with Which Doobie U B? In fact, Kemo’s offerings are better than what he’s been giving to his own group, the Rascalz. Sazone Diamante, Psycho Realm’s Jacken and Swollen’s Prevail all lay down guest verses while Moka Only demonstrates his newest hobby, singing hooks for other people, in a wasted appearance. But really, it’s all about Son Doobie. While he may not be faster than a speeding bullet or able to leap tall buildings, the one power the funk superhero is blessed with is the ability to ride a beat with near perfection. Party rocking highlights are the anthemic album opener "Wile Out,” the Latino-tinged "Super Hoes II” and the untitled bonus track (which is really Funk Superhero’s best moment). Don’t call it a comeback for the one original Soul Assassin still remaining true to his humble hip-hop history. (Battle Axe)