Someone Call CSI: Ringo Starr Sculpture Beheaded

Someone Call <i>CSI</i>: Ringo Starr Sculpture Beheaded
Mess with Liverpool and you’re likely to lose you’re head—literally. Late last week a vandal chopped off the head of a foliage sculpture of Ringo Starr, leaving John, Paul and George untouched, after the ex-Beatle made unkindly remarks about his former British home.

The vicious act followed Starr’s appearance on BBC1’s Jonathan Ross show, where the 67-year-old musician said he missed nothing about Liverpool. Adding insult to injury, the Sun newspaper reports he made "a comedy face.” Starr’s dismissive actions came only days after he launched the city’s European Capital of Culture celebrations, resulting in Liverpool receiving countless complaints and Internet "tirades” being formed against him.

Yet despite the initial Ross appearance happening over three months ago, on Friday, the Ringo sculpture lost its head, likely by the hands of an outraged Liverpool citizen. The piece of the Fab Four had only been unveiled last month and was created by Italian sculptor Franco Covill.