Some Girls The DNA Will Have Its Say

The follow-up to this hardcore/punk super-group’s Deathwish Inc. debut (All My Friends Are Going Death), these recent Epitaph acquisitions include members of the Locust, Unbroken, Give Up the Ghost and the Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, and offer seven songs in just over six minutes with The DNA Will Have Its Say. While All My Friends collected earlier work and featured a more fragmented, less developed "spot the influence of each member” sound, The DNA shows Some Girls incorporating their members’ musical pedigrees (be it the spastic insanity of the Locust, the unrelenting pace of Give Up the Ghost or the more metallic pummelling of Unbroken) more fluently and finding their own identity. Karen O drops by to scream in the background and steal some credibility on the title track, and the disc features some nice Melvins-ish artwork, but even though it’s just a taste, The DNA shows that Some Girls aren’t like other girls at all. (Three One G)