Solex Low Kick and Hard Bop

Elisabeth Esselink has pulled out the pots and pans and pretty much anything else she can get her hands on to construct her third release. The wonderfully creative artist from Amsterdam has delivered, thankfully, nothing less than past offerings, but she's also not quite raised the musical bar either. But then again, it would be a difficult task to take something such as the Solex sound and expand it into something even more unique than it already is. Esselink has once again gathered up various beats and samples by any means necessary and compressed them into a collage of particularly darling cuts highlighted by her sugar-coated vocal marking. The title track starts the show on an impressive note with a heavy snare drum leading the way followed by a raw-sounding harmonica. This track ends up being a bit of a tease, for the rest of the album never really lives up to the anticipation that it sets. Low Kick and Hard Bop comes strong a second time around with "Shoot Shoot," taking a slow and drifting piano loop with repetitive horns to create a bit of a hip-hop flow. Even though this offering from Esselink is equally as great as her previous efforts, one can't help but wonder when her masterpiece will be unleashed. (Matador)