The Soft Pink Truth Do you Want New Wave or Do you Want the Soft Pink Truth?

Oh the craziness! This raunchy romp in the trash pop collage vein is both attractive and repulsive, just like a car wreck you pass on the highway. TSPT is Drew Daniel, one half of the experimental duo Matmos, but here he sticks to saucy electro-clash covers imbued with curt bleeps and bloops. The music is urgent, disposable, ultra current and somewhat sarcastic. While the sounds of Minor Threat’s "Out of Step” are lean and pixilated, Dani Siciliano sings about not being able to keep up with the world. Elsewhere TSPT drops the gay bomb. He puts a spin on the Angry Samoans’ "Homo-Sexual” calling Jesus a gay nymphomaniac through a heavily modified and echoed voice. It is easy to draw links between this album and My Robot Friend’s Hot Action Album. TSPT’s "Homo-Sexual” is very close in style and staccato trash talk to MRF’s "I am the Robot,” while "Confession” is not unlike "Walking Jewish,” although the latter is much more blasphemous. Darling and impatient, Do You Want is quality. (Tigerbeat6)