Soft Copy Vicious Modernism

Soft CopyVicious Modernism
Toronto, ON's Soft Copy aren't new to the indie rock or punk scenes — band members Paul Boddum and Andrew McAllister played in the band Neck in the first-ever of the now-legendary Wavelength showcases in 1993. But what they've done on Vicious Modernism, even with its era-identifiable influences, sounds anything but dated. Not unlike Canadian rock institution Ian Blurton's defining work with Change of Heart, Soft Copy's songs range from having a punk-influenced hard edge to a straightforward power pop vibe ("Extracurricular"), and even a softer, near-ballad turn ("First Date"). The differences are never incongruous, and they never abandon the permeating post-punk influence; it's heard in the pulled guitar dissonance, the strange and alluring time and key signature changes, and the sparse but perfect placement of the staccato vocal lines ("Bad Wiring"). They're experienced and skilled enough to manipulate all of the pieces into a cohesive and always surprising set of songs, with enough musical and lyrical texture to give us something new with each listen. (Independent)