Soft Circle Get Shore Obsessed on New LP

Soft Circle Get <i>Shore Obsessed</i> on New LP
As a former member of both Lightning Bolt and Black Dice, Hisham Akira Bharoocha has worked with some of the most important bands in modern experimental music. Since 2006, his main focus has been the looped-guitar-and-vocal project Soft Circle. Now a two-piece, the band are gearing up to release their second album.

 Titled Shore Obsessed, the album marks the first recorded appearance of new member Ben Vida (who previously played with Town & Country). According to a press release, the record "uses more traditional song structures than on past releases, as well as dance-music beats, to entice the audience to move, a positive act, and to think progressively when listening to the lyrics."

As for the lyrics themselves, the record takes a decidedly environmental bent. "Deeply frightened by the way the governments of all nations and the wealthy use their power to drain the planet of its resources without taking into account the destruction of the environment or the toll on the global economy, Bharoocha sings about the bottomless pit of greed and the lack of humanitarianism that we as a people must get back in touch with," the press release continues.

Shore Obsessed will be released on November 9 via Post Present Medium, the label owned and operated by No Age's Dean Spunt. Shore Obsessed:

 1. "First Time"

2. "Don't Know"

3. "Treading Water"

4. "Light Bright"

5. "Take Flight"

6. "Nerve of People"

7. "Reaper"

8. "Bad Habit"

9. "Bonzer"

10. "Not Another Follower"