Soft Cell's Marc Almond to Release First Album of Original Material in Over a Decade

Soft Cell's Marc Almond to Release First Album of Original Material in Over a Decade
This summer, former Soft Cell singer Marc Almond will release his first studio LP of original songs in over a decade, before setting off on a tour celebrating his 30 years of music making.

The singer's new album, Varieté, will feature 16 new songs, and will hit shelves June 7 in the UK and June 15 in North America, courtesy of Cherry Red Records. The first 3,000 copies will include a limited-edition bonus disc of acoustic songs Almond recorded during the Varieté sessions.

The album, according to Almond, is a celebration of nostalgia, and deals with "the themes of the changing times, a yearning for simplicity, regret at loss, growing older, loneliness through the eyes of a performer, madness, letting go, acceptance, as well as our obsession with nostalgia." The first single will be "Nijisky Heart."

Almond's recent albums have mostly been covers, such as his 2009 collaboration with Russian producer Alexei Fedorov, and his next project is slated to be a repeat partnership with Michael Cashmore, on, as Almond calls it, "an album of decadent, romantic and homoerotic poetry set to music." That album is due mid-2011.

Almond's "last British concerts for some time" are scheduled to happen late this year, when he embarks on his 30 Year Celebration: My Hits and A Sides UK tour. Before that, the singer will play a handful of festivals across Europe in the summer and fall. Those date can be seen in the "live" section of his official website here.


1. "(Intro)"
2. "Bread & Circus"
3. "Nijinsky Heart"
4. "The Exhibitionist"
5. "The Trials of Eyeliner"
6. "Lavender"
7. "Soho So Long"
8. "Unloveable"
9. "Sandboy"
10. "It's All Going On"
11. "Variety"
12. "Cabaret Clown"
13. "My Madness and I"
14. "But Not Today"
15. "Swan Song"
16. "Sin Song"

Bonus disc:

1. "My Evil Twin"
2. "A Lonely One"
3. "Cat Dancer"
4. "Criminal Lover"
5. "I Am No One"
6. "Smoke"
7. "Kiss the Ghost Goodbye"