Sofia Coppola Adapting Phoenix's "Love Like a Sunset" Into a Movie?

Sofia Coppola Adapting Phoenix's "Love Like a Sunset" Into a Movie?
Phoenix's "Love Like a Sunset" is perhaps the most sweeping, ambitious song the French rockers have ever written. Stretched over two tracks, the seven-and-a-halfminute suite begins with tinkling keyboards and futuristic synth noise, swelling to a pulsing dance groove and an euphoric classic rock coda.

It's the kind of grandiose song structure that frequently gets labelled as "cinematic." Clearly, director Sofia Coppola agrees, as The New York Times [via The Playlist] reports that she is currently working on a movie adaptation of the song.

It makes sense that Coppola would choose to work with Phoenix. After all, her romantic partner is none other than front-man Thomas Mars, and she is currently pregnant with the couple's second child. What's more, Mars recently wrote the music for her upcoming film, Somewhere.

It's unclear exactly what Copolla's "Love Like a Sunset" project will entail. The New York Times' interview with Mars specifically describes the project as a "movie," implying that it will be a feature-length film. However, the article doesn't actually quote Mars about the project directly, meaning that this description is open for interpretation.

It's difficult to imagine how an entire feature could have been written about "Love Like a Sunset," considering that the song only contains a small handful of lyrics. It's also possible that the project will be a short film or even a music video; after all, Mars is French, and may have used the word "movie" incorrectly.

While we wait for more details about this project to emerge, Somewhere is due out later this year. The film still doesn't have a North American release date, but IMDB says it will be out in Italy on May 28.