So-Called Artists So-Called Artists

production and cuts from DJ Mayonnaise? Frankly, I expected so much more from this trio. Maybe my expectations were too high, but the debut album from So-Called Artists comes off as an average release for any Anticon-related project. Without a doubt, the highlight of the album is the production from Mayo: heavy drums at the forefront, surrounded by many layers of music and sounds. Lyrically, Sole and Alias are what you would expect - rhyming about categorising music, going to war, aliens in Egypt, and the feeling of not belonging. All with a "sometimes I'll rhyme sometimes I won't" rhyme scheme and flows that aren't tailored to the average hip-hop listener. So-Called Artists start off strong, with "I Don't Know How To Start This," breaking down the ideology of their name, but it isn't until the chorus of "Posterchildren for the Advancement of Something" that the potential of the group is tapped, although it really only comes together on that chorus. The potential is also evident on the drum & bass song, "Token Joyous Tune About Scorpions and Their Place in Modern Society," where there is great interaction between Sole and Alias, and the Mexican-fried "The Perils of War and It's Effects Upon Those Who Know Nothing About It." Still, the ego-popping "So You Wanna Be Rap Star or Recycling Bin" and the aforementioned "I Don't Know How To Start This" are indeed disappointing. Not bad, just not living up to its potential. (Mush)