Snuff Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

By now you’ve got no excuse for not having heard or at least having heard of the brilliant North London mod punk experience that is Snuff. Since the late ’80s they’ve been setting new standards in what rapid-fire melodic hardcore is supposed to sound like (the current crop of pop-punkers may not know it, but they owe an awful lot to Snuff). This two-disc compilation gathers up remastered versions of 25 songs from their official releases — of which there are close to a dozen — for a "greatest hits” disc and 25 non album tracks, b-sides, rarities, outtakes and live recordings for a second disc. Compilations really don’t get any more complete than this. It’s a great introduction for those who don’t, but absolutely should, know who or what Snuff is and a nice reward for long time fans looking to complete their collection. (Fat Wreck)