Snowdonnas Over Now

Despite hailing from Texas, the Snowdonnas would much rather hail from the UK, circa 1992. They are more than willing to court comparisons to Ride and, rather optimistically, My Bloody Valentine, but their sound is much more poppy than either of those feedback wielders whilst still following a shoegazing or dream-pop pathway through the musical woods. Over Now is an album that is very easy to listen to, with tuneful songs that aren’t particularly demanding on the ear. The sound is a little too reliant on keyboards, giving the songs a highly-produced sheen rather than the glorious roughness that comes from a feedback-drenched guitar, and that can rob some of the songs of the edge they could really use. The Snowdonnas have most of the pieces of the puzzle required to make a really good album, but they just don’t know exactly how to put it all together yet. Give them a little time and they might just make themselves their classic album. Just not yet. (Ballyhoo Withdrawal)