Snowday Reveal 'Evoke' EP

Snowday Reveal 'Evoke' EP
September seems a little early on in the year for a snow day, but clearly Toronto electronic outfit Snowday aren't taking their name too literally. The chilled-out group just revealed their Evoke EP, which will be out on September 18 via Hybridity Music

This EP is the follow-up to last fall's As We Travel. Since then, longtime friends Cam Sloan and Chad Skinner have moved into a larger studio space Toronto and expanded their sound.

Sloan explained in a statement, "Now that we have the space, we have more instruments, and you will hear them all on Evoke, including a 100 year-old Nordheimer upright piano, a Rhodes electric keyboard, a new drum kit, and a wealth of new percussion instruments. The end result sounds dark and organic, and really conveys deeper emotions than we maybe managed to capture with As We Travel."

The band haven't yet released any music from the EP. In the meantime, the tracklist can be seen below. As We Travel is also streaming in full at the bottom of this page.


1. Ceremony
2. Detour
3. Evoke
4. Patterns
5. Her Day Ended Slowly