Snowblink Long Live

Just two years ago, singer Daniela Gesundheit moved from California to Toronto, ON, roping in Dan Goldman. Snowblink's been something of an open book for a number of indie musicians; this record alone includes contributions from members of Deerhoof, Dirty Projectors, Vetiver and more. Gesundheit's voice is as pure as they come, floating above the surface of all of the instruments, which feel carefully pieced together. In 16 tracks (six of them being under two minutes), it's as if an enchanted forest is growing and thriving right in front of you ― a modern soundtrack to Snow White. The majority of the album is quite delicate and quiet, so your ears need to work a bit harder. In order to grasp the beauty Snowblink have put into their debut album, headphones or complete surround silence are in order. (Out of this Spark)