Snow Patrol When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up

Born in Belfast, formed in Dundee, and now based out of Glasgow, Snow Patrol know how important change is. Their 1998 debut Songs For Polar Bears was a downright disappointment. The majority of the songs sounded sloppy and rushed. The band realised their mistakes and made sure with this, their second album, was gonna be it or the end. When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up is definitely it. Built with heart and soul, this record is extremely emotional. Gaining the confidence to write quiet, delicate songs, the band used records by artist like Neil Young, Low and Lou Barlow to guide them. "Ask Me How I Am" is an extremely bouncy pop song that almost misrepresents the entire album but manages to fit in because it's just so ace. Recent single "One Night Is Not Enough" sounds similar to those tear-jerking songs from the early '90s college bands like Better Than Ezra and Gin Blossoms, but is good enough to demolish any similarities. "Batten Down The Hatch" and "An Olive Grove Facing The Sea" sound mysteriously like Belle & Sebastian, but that's okay, because members of B&S appear all over this record. (Jeepster)