Snoop Dogg Reportedly Scoring "Freeway" Rick Ross Biopic

Snoop Dogg Reportedly Scoring 'Freeway' Rick Ross Biopic
You may remember that infamous drug trafficker "Freeway" Rick Ross previously sued the rapper Rick Ross for appropriating his name as a musical alias. He lost that lawsuit, but the reformed criminal is once again making headlines in the hip-hop world, this time because Snoop Dogg has signed on to write the music for his biopic.

The film was written by (and may also be directed by) Nick Cassavetes, who previously helmed movies like The Notebook and Alpha Dog. HipHopDX points to a homemade video of Ross and Snoop sitting around a studio, talking about the project.

The rapper had this to say about his vision for the soundtrack: "I also want to be a part of the soundtrack to make the scope of the music right, to make sure the scoring is right, to represent the era and the time period where we were going through on the West. Because it's central that the story's told from his eyes, so I want to make sure the music represents what we were listening to out here and what we were going through. And when it gets to those certain time periods, I want to be able to be the one who makes sure that the music feels good while you're watching the movie."

Ross then chimed in to say, "There it is right there. Snoop's doing the soundtrack." So we're guessing that this is official now.

Ross presided over the Los Angeles drug world during the early '80s, so it makes sense to have a veteran West Coast rapper on board to compose the music. Watch the extremely lo-fi video here to see them discuss the project, listen to beats, and talk about making it era-authentic.