Snoop Dogg Admits to Pirating JAY-Z's New Album

Snoop Dogg Admits to Pirating JAY-Z's New Album
Last week, JAY-Z treated Tidal users to his long-awaited new album 4:44. Many of us without Tidal subscriptions are still waiting for a wide release, while others have grown impatient and decided to illegally download the release. Apparently Snoop Dogg falls into the latter camp.

In a video available to stream below, the rapper born Calvin Broadus revealed that he couldn't find JAY-Z's new album on iTunes so he asked an associate to "bootleg" it for him.

It's not all bad news, however — Snoop loves the album. He just doesn't want to sign up for Tidal. Can this guy get any more relatable?

Read a transcript of what he said and watch the video below.

Top of the morning. I want to shoot a shout out to JAY-Z just dropped another muthafuckin' hot album, 4:44, fo' fo' fo'. But you know what? I don't got Tidal, so a nigga had to bootleg it to me. I'm on iTunes and shit cause, I don't understand that. Y'all gotta explain that to me. I went to iTunes looking for his album and I couldn't find it. But my homie sent it to me, you understand me. But um, shout out to JAY-Z, my nigga. He did it again. See, I ain't no hater, I love the game for what it's worth — the young niggas and the old niggas. Practice that. Practice showing love. Practice supporting other muthafuckas other than yourself. Yeah, do that.

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