Snoop Dogg "Eyez Closed" (ft. Kanye West and John Legend)

Snoop Dogg 'Eyez Closed' (ft. Kanye West and John Legend)
Back in January, a Kanye West leak called "Eyes Closed" hit our Click Hear section. The track was a rejected jam from Ye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and as guessed, it ended up getting a rework from Snoop Dogg for his upcoming Doggumentary album.

The Snoop redo has now leaked, and aside from the super-ghetto addition of the "z" in "Eyez," the track sounds exactly like a sappy Kanye track, with its mopey beat, melancholy chorus and spacey instrumental intact. John Legend adds some depth with his soulful singing and Snoop's verses are passable, but this definitely sounds like the reconfigured Kanye leftover that it is.

 Stream "Eyez Closed" below or download it here via 2dopeboyz.