Snake Legs

Snake Legs EP

Snake LegsSnake Legs EP
At first glance, Snake Legs appear to be your typical upbeat, fun-loving punk quartet. The four tracks offered on their self-titled EP are crafted for maximum party-ability; power chords and vocal cord-punishing wails run the show, and each song is held together by the band's tight rhythm section, made especially clear on "Desperate Times," the record's closer, which brings to mind Against Me!'s "Pints of Guinness Make You Strong."
Their lyrics, however, evince that Snake Legs are anything but your typical burnouts. There's a wealth of depth to these songs, with themes of positivity and personal integrity saturating each song. "Desperate Times" is a story about generosity and reaching out to people less fortunate than you; "Tiger Eyes" shouts its message of the value of friends and living life to its fullest without someone else's negativity getting in your way; most surprising of all, "Namaste Mothafucka" is about the clarity that yoga can bring.
Snake Legs are successful on both superficial and more thoughtful levels, keeping up high energy and positivity like a crew of Andrew W.K.s. This isn't exactly revelatory music, but it can be enjoyed however you want it, which is exactly what Snake Legs is all about. (Independent)
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