Snailhouse The Opposite Is Also True

Mike Feuerstack has birthed twins for his latest Snailhouse project, which now (temporarily?) takes over for Wooden Stars. The Opposite Is Also True features the same nine songs in different versions on two different CDs; the twin albums feature distinct and subtle differences that explore varying shades of mellow mood. While obviously not identical, the two albums feature similar enough instrumental wardrobe (from long-time collaborators including members of Weights and Measures and Wooden Stars) that it's not always easy to pick one from the other. Is disc one really more rock, or does it just start that way? Is disc two really more upbeat in mood or is that just an impression created by the sweet voice of regular Snailhouse guest Julie Doiron? The greatest testament to Feuerstack's accomplishment here is how rarely the urge strikes to engage in a track by track analysis - each 30-minute album works entirely on its own. You'll just find yourself putting the other one on next time. (Snailhouse Institute for the Rec)