Snack! Anamnesis

Over the course of four albums, Snack! has experimented with multi-instrumental sound textures and diverse rhythmic structures stretching the often dusty confines of your average rock band. With Anamnesis the band's vision has come to fruition. Like the diverse artwork of Vincent Marcone that graces the CD's booklet, each song is an entity onto itself with snippets of classical, Spanish, electronica, and cabaret adding shades and hues to the 11 tracks. Man-for-all-seasons Kim Régimbal's battery of woodwinds thickens the bottom and colours the spaces of the songs while Adrian Jones’s guitars sends the band to the far ends of the sonic spectrum with his healthy fascination with melody, samplers and experimentation. Anamnesis, as replete as it is, is still just a starting point for the band's live sets, which thrive off extended improv to see how far afield these songs can go. (Pal)