Smut Peddlers First Name Smut/For The Record

Nasty New York MC Cage teams up with the High & Mighty to once again form their side project Smut Peddlers to drop this single in support of their upcoming LP. Cage, who is probably best known for his “Agent Orange” ultra-violent lyrics, represents with his over-the-top sex rhymes, while Mr Eon drops his Dick Starbuck punch lines. While their different styles compliment each other, so do their voices, with Cage’s high pitched change-ups and Mr. Eon’s deep Busta Rhymes baritone. Still, the lyrics are not just about sex, they also take time out to demonstrate that they have plenty of rhyme skills. DJ Mighty Mi donates two quality beats that compare to anything he produced for the High & Mighty debut, proving that Smut Peddlers aren’t just some joke side project. My favourite track of the two keeps flipping back and forth depending on which side I’m currently listening to. Mr Eon represents best on “First Name Smut,” but Cage comes hardest on “For The Record.” The deciding factor must be the appearance of guest MC Masai Bey on “For The Record,” nudging it into top position. Buy the twelve-inch and start anticipating the full-length. As the intro to “For The Record” says: “Hip-hop is smut.” And now you know who’s peddlin’. (Rawkus)