Smoke and Smoke Love Suffers Long

It’s getting harder and harder to riff off a really killer hard rock record, but Smoke and Smoke have done it and done it well. So well, in fact, that when they yell "Smoke and Smoke could give a fuck fuck fuck” on the furiously rocking mission statement "Into the Smoke and Smoke,” one actually cares that they mean it. Comprised of former members of punk slayers Murder City Devils and post-rock mysterios godheadsilo, Smoke and Smoke have come to plow down the competition and they’ve thoroughly succeeded with this thunderous full-length debut. Blunt, relentless, sardonic and menacing, Love Suffers Long injects these and more testosterone-heavy feelings into its pummelling 19-minute rock attack. Odd time signatures and the occasional effects pedal add spice to the brief songs, which are marked by bare-bones, in-your-face production that brings the band’s awesome, balls-out attitude to the forefront, where it belongs. Love Suffers Long is short enough to have you playing it over and over and strong enough to still stand up and kick it out years from now. (Frenchkiss)