Smash Up Derby Blow all the Hell

Out of Montreal comes yet another pack of short, fast, vintage punk rock loving hooligans who lay it down like there’s no tomorrow. The three songs that grace this red vinyl seven-inch are a cool mix of Rip Offs’ snot-nosed attitude, mixed with the vocal delivery of a young Glenn Danzig in his early Misfits days. The A-side, “You’re A Lie” captures this mood maybe the best of the three songs, with it’s dry, retro sounding tale of sexual indiscretion. The B-side, “Sit On My Knees” is catchy blast of dirty punk that leaves you wanting more. Also on the flip side, the “Raw Power”-inspired guitar fuzz party of “Fireballs” also brings to mind the polished, punchy attack of the New Bomb Turks. It would be great to hear a full-length release from these guys. (Zaxxon Virile Action)