Smash Mouth's Steve Harwell Discusses the Band's Viral Twitter Account

Smash Mouth's Steve Harwell Discusses the Band's Viral Twitter Account
When it comes to most branded Twitter accounts, it's safe to assume that a media intern is dreaming up the content. After all, companies love to dabble in dank memes in a desperate hope for relevance. One Twitter account that has surprised many with its authenticity, however, is that of naughties pop rockers Smash Mouth.

In recent years, the band has used their endlessly entertaining Twitter page to pay tribute to dead celebrities in odd ways, profess their love for bands like Parquet Courts and share surprise new songs.

While it often feels like it might be another post-modern marketing plan, however, there's something entirely unique about Smash Mouth's account. After all, they're just as quick to debate politics, discuss oral sex and fight with professional sports teams

We reached out to Smash Mouth to get to the bottom of their endlessly entertaining Twitter presence, and frontman Steve Harwell happily completed an interview via email.

He revealed that the account is run entirely by him and bassist Paul DeLisle, and also professed his love for Death Cab for Cutie, Lower Dens and Local Natives, among others.

Read our full interview below (lightly edited for clarity).

Do you wish people would take you a little more seriously, or are you just having fun online? 
We're a pop band for the most part and the nature of our songs are fun. 
We've never taken ourselves that serious so interacting with people online is sort of the same thing. Any mention is a good mention in this biz. 

Who is behind the band's Twitter? Is it one person or a group of people? 
It's me and Paul, my bass player, with assistance from management. We argue about stuff before we even post it so the process is more entertaining than the actual posts. Our Twitter process is a damn reality show. 

Unlike other branded Twitter accounts, the Smash Mouth account is amazing because you are willing to talk to people about anything. Are there any rules to your Twitter? Is there anything that's off limits? 
We just watched our new President win the election because of Twitter and that dude goes off. We have a filter but we also don't want to be boring and we want a forum to express our opinions on everything. One thing we pretty much stay away from is politics because we learned early on politics is do or die for some people. We do lots of shows so the last thing we want
is someone trying to get at us physically. We travel a lot so we saw Trump's support firsthand and it's crazy. We're all sports nuts so talking sports and having strong opinions comes naturally. 

You recently mentioned that you love the band Parquet Courts, which took a lot of people by surprise. What are some other current artists you're into?
It's funny because people always tell us 'rock is dead!' If you're not enjoying this alt-indie rock explosion then you're missing some incredible bands. Lower Dens are amazing! Death Cab is probably the best band period. K-Flay's 'Blood In The Cut' is an incredible song. The Strumbellas, Bishop Briggs, Fitz & the Tantrums, Dreamers, Phantogram, Wild Belle, The1975, Coin, Grouplove, Barns Courtney, CircaWaves, Chvrches, Bear Hands are rad! Their song "Boss" fucking kills! Local Natives. And the best band/duo today and maybe EVER is TwentyOnePilots. I've never seen an artist have a connection with their fans like TwentyOnePilots! 

You've recently started posting celebrity tribute images when people pass away. Who creates the images?
Our Management does but we usually tell them what we want.

Some people have criticized those tribute images for being a little crass with your logo on them. Anything you'd like to say regarding that?
The idea is our logo is our stamp of approval but some people took it as trying to get noticed by using someone's death. We will probably go a different route on that one. 

Forgive me for asking, but I have to — there's currently another Shrek movie in the works. Do you think you'll be involved in any way?
No way, they always go for current fresh artists as they should. That being said we actually have a couple new songs that are perfect so we will see. We recorded a song for the 2nd one but they never used it. 'All Star' was not written for any film but it ended up in like 5 and 2 before Shrek. 

You're working on an acoustic album currently. Tell me about that project. 
2017 marks our 20-year anniversary because we're old fucks and we thought it's a good way to celebrate our debut LP by re-recording it as an acoustic album. We never knew the actual process of recording it would be so fun. 

You've often (correctly) argued that you're not a one hit wonder. What are some other Smash Mouth songs people should check out if they only know the radio hits? 
Lol. You're either a one-hit wonder or you're not. If we we're we'd rally around that and joke along and call our next album 1HitWonder. Heck we may have even changed our name to the title of the one song. That being said, trying to set the record straight with the millennials got everyone trolling us and making a joke out of the fact that we even answered to it. The millennials are smart fuckers, so we earned a social media lesson for sure.