Smash Mouth Reveal Their Love for Parquet Courts

Smash Mouth Reveal Their Love for Parquet Courts
It's easy to think that radio rock champs Smash Mouth live in a concrete bunker adorned with shiny silver Oakley's and flame-painted silk T-shirts, but the reality is that the post-ska alt-pop band are still very invested in modern culture. Just take one look at their Twitter, where they frequently comment on the news of the day.

Most recently, the group revealed that their musical tastes go far deeper than the aughties Shrek rock for which they're known. In fact, it appears that they have an affinity for Brooklyn garage experimenters Parquet Courts.

Last week, Smash Mouth tweeted their praise for Parquet Courts' recent Human Performance single "Berlin Got Blurry."
When asked to expand on their love of Parquet Courts, Smash Mouth offered an extremely bizarre (though not entirely off-base) description for the band. 
If you happen to be at a hip indie rock festival this summer, keep an eye on the crowd for members of Smash Mouth.