Small Sails Similar Anniversaries

With too many choices daily for new bands to crush on, acts with solid live performance reps tend to earn the extra edge. Portland, OR trio Small Sails are musicians that also work as a filmmaking collective, and whose live show includes on the fly video mixing with multiple projectors to enhance their playful electronics. But even without visual accompaniment their first full-length delivers the light and wistful goods that have gained them favourable comparisons to bands like the Books. The difference between the two groups is that the folktronic duo’s modus operandi operates on tongue-in-cheek, inventive, textured sketches, whereas Small Sails’ tracks are more traditionally rounded into songs, albeit songs with a little candy for their cheeks. The voice constantly returns as integral to the mix, either as enthusiastic "ta da das” or whispered secrets just under the surface, but it envelops each piece with cheerful humanity. The band have managed the neat trick of finding a sound that is intricate enough to always engage but so whimsically upbeat that no one should feel challenged. So, whether your first love is the post-rock crunch of Tortoise, the folk/jazz implosion of Four Tet or the quivering electro rock of the Album Leaf, prepare to meet your new sweetheart. (Other Electricities)