Slumlords On the Stremph!

Imagine — and it’s a stretch — that Sick Of It All managed to bring New York hardcore to an even deeper intellectual low. No, you’re not quite there yet so let Slumlords give you a hand. It’s inevitable thanks to this beefy gang of usual meatheads that sing about challenging topics such as the dangers of coffee and cigarettes, getting drunk and how dorky heavy metal dudes are. Strangely enough though, On the Stremph! is an incredibly interesting listen when one is finally able to shut off the synapses. Hyper pacing mildly spiced with oi! chant-a-longs are brutish without losing any of the band’s inherent ability to turn typical 4/4 beat-heavy riffing into inspiringly catchy anthems. Factor in that the recording quality for On the Stremph! is so loud, crisp and ostentatious that it sets a new standard for gutter punks and Slumlords aren’t as dumb as they seem. Uh oh… (Sidetrack)