Slowrider Historias En Revision

For their third release, L.A.’s Slowrider combines the old (thanks to a few remixes) and the new in about equal portions to serve as a belated introduction to the band. Since the band’s formation by keyboardist David Gomez, who played bass for Beck on his Mellow Gold tour, they have performed a hybrid blend of funk, space rock, Afrobeat, jazz and bilingual hip-hop, all with a political slant. The album begins awkwardly with "Once We Travel…” with guest vocals from Quetzal singer Martha Gonzalez that sound at odds with the rest of the album. The groups own vocalists, singer-guitarist Carlos Zepeda and rapper-percussionist Olmeca, are more than capable of carrying the record. Olmeca’s Latino raps belong over the aggressive "Primeros Pasos,” while "Misconceptions” sees a capable debut of Zepeda as an MC along with his brooding singing on the hook. With his standout remix of "Time,” Wil-Dog channels Ozomatli. In fact, fans of Ozomatli and Manu Chao would be well advised to pick up Slowrider’s Hizstorias En Revision. (Nomadic Soundsystem)