Slowreader Slowreader

During their time with Texas band the Impossibles, Rory Phillips and Gabe Hascall delved into the worlds of ska and punk. And although their last release hinted at a new direction, the beautiful, sleepy pop of Slowreader’s debut still comes as a real shock. These days they are more likely to be grouped with the likes of Elliot Smith and Ben Folds, producing dreamy pop songs that draw you in with their beauty and then keep you hooked with their poetic, somewhat disturbing lyrics. It starts off strongly with the delicate harmonies of "Politics, Music & Drugs” (which has a choir of children singing back-up), and picks up intensity with each subsequent song. Despite relying on the standard acoustic guitar and piano, Slowreader have more tricks up their sleeves sonically to make every song sound interesting. Yet they don’t overdo it, keeping the fragility and beauty from collapsing in on itself. Even though this is just the first outing for Slowreader, it is hard to imagine them recording a more realised and complete album. In one fell swoop, Phillips and Hascall have erased the memory of their previous work and paved the way for a whole new, even more impressive legacy. Very highly recommended. (Fueled by Ramen)