Slow Six Tomorrow Becomes You

Christopher Tignor's group fit comfortably within the orbit of label-mates like Balmorhea or Sleep Whale in their exploration of small-scale modern classical compositions. The fine-spun quirk that distinguishes them is Tignor's work applying software systems to his violin themes. As on his exceptional solo album, last year's Core Memory Unwound, he manages to use the fractal expansion of the violin to supplement the effects-free original sounds, creating provocative dualities in the music. This is used both centrally, as on "Because Together We Resonate," or to garnish tracks like "Sympathetic Response System (part one)." Second violinist Ben Lively adds either a shadow or intertwining foil in various spiral moments. The quintet, rounded out by guitar, Rhodes and drums, are adept at blurring the margins of fusion, post-rock and even the progressive folk that shows through in piebald moments. The drive flowing through Tignor's playing, and the album as a whole, makes for an easy, revelatory journey. (Western Vinyl)