Slow Nerve Action Lovenasium

Do you remember that raunchy and hilariously awful ’70s porn that somehow found its way from under your parents’ bed and into the VCR? Well, Whistler, BC’s Slow Nerve Action probably own three copies of it and have re-scored its synthesised funk that delightfully enhanced the movie’s uncomfortable hilarity. On their debut release, The Soap of Beautiful Women, the quintet were content in highlighting the main event, rolling through sheets of heavy funk and soulful hip-hop to reach eventual climax. With Lovenasium, Slow Nerve Action have moved on from the acme and created a set of slower, more relaxed funk that would best be listened to for enhancing the post-coital cigarette and cuddle. The lyrics are still salaciously sweet, regaling in tales of attractive sisters, sex in the church, Viagra, spanking and stimulation, but the music is toned down, lacking the funkified jelly that lubricated their debut. Regardless, this is one sticky treat, rubbed down with Ween-esque naked humour and Parliament-style porn funk. Even a French interlude layered with androgynous symbolism makes an appearance in "Je Suis.” How droll. (Independent)