Slow Learners "Grocery Store"

Slow Learners "Grocery Store"
For the last several months, Slow Learners have slowly but surely been making noise -- figuratively and literally -- in and around Vancouver, opening for the likes of Bison B.C. and jam-packing more than a few gallery spaces. However, up until now, the group's killer combo of Replacements meets Feelies meets noise-addled '90s alt-rock has yet to reach any sort of recorded format. Well, that's finally changed.

Despite the trio -- who boast Baptists/Ladyhawk's Sean Hawryluk and John Johnston of hardcore unit Congress -- not even having a MySpace or Bandcamp, they have uploaded the freshly recorded "Grocery Store" to their new SoundCloud page. It's a rager, for sure, featuring some seriously gruffed-up guitar work; but like so many Slow Learner tracks, this one comes with a soft pop underbelly, making the song the type that would appeal to black-clad skate dudes and awkward pop nerds alike.

The song, which has yet to be mastered, was recorded with ex-Pride Tiger member Bobby Froese, who apparently laid down a few more jams with Slow Learners.

And while the band are unsure if "Grocery Store" will be featured on an upcoming physical release, they are planning a split with fellow Vancity garage pop unit Needles//Pins, who will be putting out the slab of wax on their Scum Buzz Records sometime this summer. 

In the meantime, if you're in the Vancouver area keep an eye out for upcoming Slow Learners gigs, including one on June 4 at Antisocial as part of this year's Music Waste. And watch out for that killer Prince cover; it would make even the Purple One proud.

01 Grocery Store by Slow Learners