Slow Horse Slow Horse

Trolloping in medicated slow motion undertones are the ever-so-aptly titled Slow Horse, a doom trio from New York that has designed their sound to be filter-proof so it can still be heard through the thickest of concrete walls. The raw kick-drum constantly pounds and penetrates, implying some sort of ancient and ritualistic mantra that could only be conducted in the grimiest alleyways of the big city. Utilising the doom-like low-end guitar flutter that Tony Iommi originally indoctrinated, leader Daniel Bukszpan's corrugated guitar and anthemic vocals channel through a bandsaw that burns at 220 volts through a 120-volt fixture. Included is a cover of Chris Isaak's “Wicked Game,” amazingly well rendered that proves that any well written song in any genre could universally be translated for the masses with appeal. (Freebird)