Slow Down Molasses I'm An Old Believer

Slow Down MolassesI'm An Old Believer
I'm An Old Believer is the product of 14 head-butting, knuckle-cracking musicians, as opposed to a single keyhole peep into an individual's war-torn psyche. The Saskatoon-based community of musicians (also known as Slow Down Molasses) are interested in tracking the sentiments we share with those around us, even if it means spending countless hours recording together over the span of nine months. I'm An Old Believer consists of 12 songs driven by obsession and broken down by romanticism, disregard and hope. From desolate country tune "Slow Motion" to folk-y shoegaze number "Knife Fight," it's clear that the group's many influences have made for a beautifully diverse record. Slow Down Molasses are like the Broken Social Scene of the prairies, and their music, both individually and as a group, always tastes good no matter how you mix it. (Independent)