Slope & Kline 'Cascadian' (EP stream)

Slope & Kline 'Cascadian' (EP stream)
When he's not performing as a DJ or a member of Sanctums, Dan Solo makes music under the name Slope. Working under that moniker, he's just teamed up with the like-minded Alberta native Kline to release a four-song EP.

Called Cascadian, the release offers a stunning collection of ambient tones, careful beats and warm synths. It's music that sounds minimal on first listen, but slowly unfolds to reveal a great deal of depth.

The attention to detail also translates into the release's theme, which offers a story of viking mythology. Here's the duo's description:

The soundtrack herein tells the story of a band of viking warriors lost at sea after a long and arduous season of raids abroad. Through the hallucinogenic qualities of the fog and the hypnotic trance of their oars beating at the waves, the men begin to wonder if they have crossed the thresh hold of this world and into another.​

Slope & Kline's Cascadian is available now through Modern Math. You can stream the full EP below.